Uniquely hand-painted.

The most exclusive case in the world.

We make the most exclusive smartphone cases in the world. Each case is a true masterpiece. An artwork, meticulously hand-painted by an artist, who shares a special story. Since the motive is unique for each case, you are buying the most exclusive and marvelous piece of accessory in the world.

Are you a role model?

As a role model, you lead a community. You reveal them a different path. Often these are the people you love the most and who love you the most - your parents, children, close friends.

To become this shining example of good and glory, you need to do what nobody else is willing to do. Say, what nobody else says. Think, eat, decide and live how nobody else dares. Because nobody else is looking for better. They are all looking for easier instead of simpler. For cheaper instead of durable. More instead of less.

But you can’t dictate people what and how to do things. You will have to go out of your own way and lead them by example. You need to become the extreme that your followers can only try to reach. And just by doing so, you will improve their lives just as much as your own, ultimately making the world a better place today.

If you are ready to walk this way, we have something to amplify your voice. A smartphone case made only for you and only once, amended with real art and a deep meaning. Hand-painted by a real artist. A unique tool to remind you of your mission and help you overcome the hurdles.

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