Only one piece

Meisterstück "Spring Landscape"

Only one piece

Meisterstück "Spring Landscape"

Hand Painted Case for iPhone 7 / 839,00 €No VAT charge according to § 19 Umstg.

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30 days return policy.
The difference between the peak and foot of a mountain is,
how many people can fit there.
Elena Birkenwald sketching a draft.

only for You.

Being meticulously drafted and painted by artist Elena Birkenwald, this unique creation bears the name "Spring Landscape". Much time, patience and precision work went into the making. As due to the nature of original art, "Spring Landscape" is a limited edition of 1, therefore making this the most exclusive case in the world.

A case being painted.

Built to protect,
painted to impress.

If You have ever held something handcrafted, you know what attraction, what allurement these formidable artifacts radiate. In today's world, such has become rare. This case brings that almost forgotten feeling back, right into Your hands.

Woman holding a hand-painted case for iPhone 8 Plus.

For the free-thinkers
and individualists.

Not everyone understands the privilege of owning an accessory that has a soul, an idea, a symbol to it. Something, that is more than a shallow, transient fad. This case was an empty canvas once and is now telling a story through art. It whispers, talks. It screams. Yet not everybody can hear it. Can You?

Man holding a hand-painted case for iPhone 8 Plus.

For the role-models
and leaders.

As a role model, you lead a community. To become this shining example of good and glory, you need to do what nobody else is willing to do. Think, speak, decide and live how nobody else dares. Amplify your voice with this unique case, amended with real art and a deep meaning. Use it as a tool to remind you of your mission and help you overcome the hurdles.

The case "Spring Landscape" lying ing a coffee table.

Standing out

When the grey monotony of everyday life takes over, when everyone blends with everyone at Your favorite coffee shop, life slowly becomes dull. Create an enigmatic aura of curiosity and novelty around You. Contemporary art embraces this case and puts You as the holder in the spotlight.

Superior protection
from every angle.

The raised front bezel and corners on the back prohibit any direct contact of the display and camera with surfaces. As consequence micro scratches are reduced to an absolute minimum.

We engineered a shockproof bumper, which defends Your phone against drops on the side. Furthermore, the soft-touch material grants an outstandingly comfortable and safe grip.

The painting rests underneath an absurdly robust glass finish, unreachable from any external impact. This glass can not only effortlessly withstand drops, but also sand, coins, and keys in your pocket. Graded with 9H on the hardness scale, there is little other than diamonds capable of inflicting any damage to it.

Precious and functional
from the inside.

A noble velvet coating grants the case an opulent and expensive touch. In addition it protects Your phone from the tiniest dust particles on the inside. The color is carefully chosen to match and accentuate the painting.


  • Case sits very tightly on Your iPhone 7 / 8 to provide the best protection.
  • Meticulously hand-painted artwork by artist Elena Birkenwald bestows a soul.
  • Scratch resistant 9H tempered glass protects the painting behind.
  • The nature of non-replicable, original art makes this the most exclusive and limited case in the world.
  • Elevated corners protect the screen, camera and glass on the case from micro scratches over time.
  • Shockproof and soft-touch bumper adds superb grip.
  • Perfectly engineered thickness of the back supports undiminished wireless charging.

30-days return policy

Your case is guaranteed to be taken back up to 30 days after arrival, if You don't like it.

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